Oahu Maternity Photography

Glowing Baby Bump Pregnancy & Newborn Portraits

It's hard to imagine a more perfect setting for a maternity, pregnancy, baby bump portrait photography session than on the beach with a warm sun and the gentle caress of ocean waves! Oahu beach maternity photography sessions can be done at nearly anytime during your pregnancy, as long as you are comfortable and relatively still mobile.

Maternity pregnant baby bump photography is on location, at the beach or a local park (or even your own home), and range from one hour to several hours depending on the package desired. The Oahu Package is usually the best for pregnant mothers-to-be as you'll need more time than usual for changing, moving about and the occasional rest period. 

Looking for an Oahu Maternity Photographer?

Locations can be almost anywhere on Oahu, with less popular beaches usually preferred by mothers wanting the most intimacy and privacy. The best time of day for baby bump pregnancy photography is early morning or late afternoon for the softest, warmest light, however, sessions can be mid-day as well if that works better for your energy levels.

Behind-the-scenes video highlights of a morning maternity photo session with Sara & John at Sherwood Beach (and forest) in Waimanalo, Oahu Hawaii.

To reserve an Oahu Maternity Baby Bump photography session, a deposit is required and is refundable if canceled more than 72 hours before your session. Refunds are NOT given for anything beyond Bodhi's personal control - like weather, wind, sunburns, rain, wet clothes, etc. Rescheduling due to weather is at the discretion of Bodhi*.

Within a few days of your maternity beach & sunset photo shoot, your images will be uploaded to an online gallery for viewing and downloading. Upon receipt of final payment, you will be sent a passcode to immediately download your full resolution digital images directly to your computer. High quality prints and additional products such as collages and photo books are available for purchase right from your online gallery as well. 

Please visit the FAQ's page for more information about Oahu maternity baby bump pregnant beach portrait photography sessions.

Oahu Maternity Photography Portrait Packages      

The Aloha Package - $499*

A 60 minute maternity portrait session, includes 25 hi-rez, professionally edited digital images. Hawaii GE Tax of 5% applies.NOTE: This package is not available for sunset or sunrise sessions, only morning or mid day.

The Oahu Package - $699*

A 90 minute baby bump photo session, available any time of day, including sunset (or sunrise). Includes your choice of 40 full resolution, professionally edited digital images from the session. Hawaii GE Tax of 5% applies.

The Hawaiian Package - $1199*

Our double session option, for those who want the maximum variety of images and backgrounds - typically split into two locations/sessions of 90 min each (ex: one morning/mid day session and one sunset session). Includes ALL digital images from the session(s). Hawaii GE Tax of 5% applies.

*CASH* Discount Available:
Save money by paying in good old fashioned green cash! To be eligible you must request this option at the time of scheduling. Deposit is paid by CC and taxed, but the remainder is paid in cash day of session. Aloha Package take off $30 (you actually save $42), The  Oahu Package take off $50 (you actually save $78), and The Hawaiian Package take off $100 (you save $148 - based on discount and tax savings).

After The Session

The average maternity portrait session typically results in 100-250 final, edited images. After your baby bump maternity photo session, all your images are professionally edited for clarity, exposure, color and composure, and within two days they are posted to an online  photo viewing gallery.  You will be sent an email with the link to view, select and download the images of your choice that are included with your package. The option to purchase additional digital images  as well as prints large and small, photo books, collages and other products will be available from the gallery, if you so desire (you're always free to print the digital images you receive wherever you like). 

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To reserve a Maternity Baby Bump portrait session with Bodhi:

  1. First, contact Bodhi to confirm the date and time you want is available. Use the Quick Form button below.
  2. Next, click here to make a deposit to confirm your reservation. Deposits are applied toward the package you purchase.

Mahalo! (Thank you)

I decided to hire Bodhi for my maternity photos and will always be grateful to him for capturing a beauty I didn’t even know I had. The photos Bodhi took had the beauty of the Hawaiian sunset and rolling ocean but to my surprise he also captured the love I have for the tiny being I was carrying inside of me. THANK YOU BODHI!!!
— Tricia
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