Off The Beaten Path Locations

(Shhh...don't tell anyone!)

The following locations are examples of alternative photo session locations. Some involve hiking, some require an adventurous spirit and some are just tucked away in less commonly visited locations. Since I love hiking and exploring, I seldom charge more for these kinds of location shoots even though they require more time and work. I will usually only add an additional fee if there is a lot of driving time involved. Don't see a location you want? Ask!

China Wall
This a great location for sunsets and the reflecting pool photos. However, this location is NOT a place to take older people or young kids. The challenge here is just one short 15 ft section where you have to walk a 2 ft wide ledge next to a churning bowl of crashing waves about ten feet below. If heights bother you, if you are not comfortable with uneven terrain or confident on your feet, you will not like this. Most people are fine navigating this...but some people are not.

The reflecting pool itself is only about an inch or two deep at most. The photo with the light stands show the Quiban Family siblings - we had perfect conditions for them. Center photo is model Davy, standing just to the right of the reflection pool. The lower (right) photo is from Jim & Suzanne's wedding session, taken just before the narrow ledge. The waves were too big that day so we couldn't get to the reflecting pool. But the crashing waves gave us different awesome photos their photo you can see the remains of a big wave washing down off the rocks behind them, transforming an okay photo into an awesome one.

As always when working out in nature, conditions may not always be ideal. The reflecting pool is sometimes dry at low tide or sometimes it's too windy, making the surface too ruffled for reflections. Stay flexible and open minded...some of my best photos have come from unexpected conditions we couldn't have planned for!

Makapu'u Point
Up for a bit of hiking, with an stunning view at the top? Makapu'u State Park has a long, winding, paved path to the top of the easternmost point of Oahu island. At the top are the ruins of WWII gunner bunkers which make great platforms for a gorgeous view up the Northeast coast of Oahu. Instead of taking the 2 mile long paved path, I like to hike straight up from Makapu'u Lookout just off the highway below. It's a near scramble in places, but safe and faster than the more crowded paved trail. This is a great location for young couples, engagement photos, proposals, etc. Mornings or evenings are perfect times for this location.

Makai Pier - Waimanalo Beaches
If you look closely at the photo above, the shore line receding into the distance at the base of the mountains is full of great little spots one after the other. Makai Pier is a great location with rocky shores, sandy beach, under-the-pier perspectives, Rabbit Island views and more. All these locations are great morning or evening...but do not have direct sunset views. All the following images are from this area.

Kailua - Lanikai Beaches
Kailua beach has often been voted one of the most beautiful white sand beaches in the world. A two mile long crescent moon shaped beach segways into the exclusive community of Lanikai. The twin islands of Moku Nui and Moku Iki lie just offshore. Take photos in the park, hike up a nearby hill overlooking Lanikai for spectacular views, then head back down for a cool off photos in the shallow waters on the beach. Great for morning or evening sessions, but there are no direct sunset views on this side of the island.

Your Epic Cool Location Here!
Know a great spot where you'd like your photography session? Let me know, I'm always open!

Pali Highway Overlook

Kawela Bay Park, Near Turtle Bay on Oahu's North Shore

Spitting Caves Overlook, East Oahu

The Kaniakapupu Ruins off the Pali Hwy

Stream off the Old Pali Hwy

Kawela Bay Beach Park