Turn Off The Flash For More Powerful and Poignant Photos

Photography is at it's best when it's conveying an emotion, an idea or a compelling drama. A powerful image tells a story that resonates with viewers. Silhouettes remove all the distractions of smiles, colors and details, leaving only two dimensional profiles that, conversely, make a for a stronger story.

Recently I was browsing thru my countless galleries of family, couples & wedding photography when I noticed my eye constantly stopping on the silhouettes. They seem so simple, are so easy to take, that I've never quite taken them seriously. I'm always so intent on getting the right camera settings, flash exposure correct, checking for smiles, open eyes, along with a hundred other details. A silhouette, by comparison requires only metering for the sky exposure and adjusting the body parts. It was only when I noticed that most of my favorite images tend to be silhouettes that I came to see the power in the simplicity.

Like what you see? In a follow up post, I'll share with you how to get images just like these with your own camera.